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High-temperature Autoclave,High-temperature Autoclave manufacturers

High-temperature Autoclave is consists of  the process tank, heat water tank, cold water tank, heat exchanger, PLC touch combination of automatic control system.

Autoclave use the simulating temperature control system according to the different food action set of sterilization condition design requirements, it can be set heating, heat preservation and cooling process at any time, it makes every kind of food can be in the best condition for sterilization, so as to avoid the thermal damage under high temperature and high pressure sterilization same way bigger.

Pressure control system principle of the high temperature Autoclave is cooperate with standard mode to automatically adjust the pressure, according to the different situation, it  carries on the back pressure is positive, this to prevents deformation of the vessel (molding packaging) and damage. At the same time, through the analysis of T - T log curve and check, can effectively production and quality management.


High-temperature Autoclave characteristic


1.       The Sterilization Equipment reduce the steam consumption, steam, water sterilization after atomization directly within the Autoclave hot to mix, improve the speed of heating and cooling.

2.       A little of process water cycle fast, fast reach to the expected temperature sterilization.

3.       Water injection from different angles, steam, air and water mixed convection, forming a perfect temperature distribution.

4.       Low noise, create quiet and comfortable working environment.

5.       Kettle temperature sensing probe is equipped with four mobile, at any time can monitor food center F value, the heat distribution inside the kettle, know about heat penetration (from food surface temperature time of arrival in food geometric center).

6.       Perfect pressure control, pressure in the entire production process adjustment, to adapt to the internal pressure changes in product packaging, make the product packaging to meet minimum deformation degree, especially suitable for gas packaging products.

7.       Process water preheating system (optional) ensures that temperature, hot filling of products get continuous heating process

8.       Disinfection of water by demineralization water (optional) avoid process water quality problems made into packaging infected with dirt

9.       Steam sterilization function (optional)


Computer fully automatic autoclave (Vessel) usage


1.       Plastic containers: PP bottle and HDPE bottle;

2.       Soft bag packing: packed in foil bags, transparent bags, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bags, etc;

3.       Tin cans:  steel and glass products.

High-temperature Autoclave


Computer fully automatic autoclave (Vessel) classification

1. According to control type: Fully Automatic AutoclaveSemi-automatic Autoclave, electric semi-automatic control and Manual autoclave.

2. According to sterilization methods: Steam Autoclave
Pan Spray Autoclavewater bath type(immersion) autoclave, and Rotary Autoclave / sterilizer(vessel).

3. According to structure of cylinder: Vertical autoclaveHorizontal autoclave, Single tank autoclave, Double pan autoclave, up and down autoclave.


High-temperature Autoclave technical parameters

nominal volume
Cylinder diameter (mm)
length of the tube(mm)
                         SUS304/ Q235-B
Design pressure
Work pressure
Design temperature
Work temperature
1.       Parameters on the chart for standard configuration, such as customer requires otherwise, please put forward.
2.       Autoclave selection process parameters should be provided: the material properties, sterilization process, special requirements, etc.
3.       Auxiliary equipment: storage tanks, water storage tank, boiler, air compressor. (the customer need to buy by themselves)
Warm prompt
Autoclave size and types can according to user requirements, we have a country where the pressure vessel certificate, you can rest assured and safe use. If necessary, please call us

High-temperature Autoclave finished picture


High-temperature Autoclave finished picture

Autoclave bactericidal basket

Computer Semi-automatic Autoclave trolley and bactericidal basket