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All water static type Autoclave

All water static type Autoclave is designed for dairy products, juice, beverage or similar flow and material design of sterilization equipment, prolong the retention period is the material through sterilizing and cooling purposes.

According to the user to different material heating, sterilizing and different technological requirements of keeping temperature and cooling, process design, with various safety protection measures, the whole process of automatic control, precise control

All water static type Autoclave characteristic

  1. The sterilization effect is good, the pot with hot water convection loop design, uniform temperature distribution, ensure that the product sterilization quality consistency.
  2. The pot body is made of stainless steel manufacturing, meet with food hygiene requirements, good corrosion resistance, health and beauty, long service life of equipment.
  3. Heating time is short, because prior to hot water tank water heating, when beginning to Autoclave pot products sterilization, just put the hot water tank into hot water sterilization pot, at the same time to join the steam, the heating time.
  4. The touch screen operation, PLC automatic control the entire process of sterilization, the water supply, heating, sterilization, cooling to the end of the sterilization full automation, without manual operation.
  5. Parameters such as temperature, pressure of imported instrument control, control precision, and can prevent the accidents such as deformation, breakage of packing container.
  6. Recorder recording process parameters in detail, see for quality inspection


Computer fully automatic autoclave (Vessel) usage


Autoclave is widely used in meat products, bean products, egg products, poultry, fruits and vegetables, tea beverage and snack food processing production. The pharmaceutical industry and other fields.

1.    Metal containers,

2.    plastic container

3.    soft bag packaging


All water static type Autoclave (Vessel) structure

Pot body: The sterilization equipment including pot, lid, swivel, rail, sealing ring, roller, locking wedge, steam, nozzle, cooling water pipe, valve, etc.
Control system: PLC controller, the touch screen, control cabinet
Accessories: tray, trolleys, circulating pump, water pump, pipe valves, bactericidal basket


All water static type Autoclave (Vessel) classification

1. According to control type: Fully Automatic AutoclaveSemi-automatic Autoclave, electric semi-automatic control and Manual autoclave.

2. According to sterilization methods: Steam Autoclave
Pan Spray Autoclavewater bath type(immersion) autoclave, and Rotary Autoclave / sterilizer(vessel).

3. According to structure of cylinder: Vertical autoclaveHorizontal autoclave, Single tank autoclave, Double pan autoclave, up and down autoclave.


All water static type Autoclave technical parameters

nominal volume
Cylinder diameter (mm)
length of the tube(mm)
                         SUS304/ Q235-B
Design pressure
Work pressure
Design temperature
Work temperature
1.       Parameters on the chart for standard configuration, such as customer requires otherwise, please put forward.
2.       Autoclave selection process parameters should be provided: the material properties, sterilization process, special requirements, etc.
3.       Auxiliary equipment: storage tanks, water storage tank, boiler, air compressor. (the customer need to buy by themselves)
Warm prompt
Autoclave size and types can according to user requirements, we have a country where the pressure vessel certificate, you can rest assured and safe use. If necessary, please call us

All water static type Autoclave finished picture


All water static type Autoclave finished picture



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