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JML-100 vertical colloid mill

JML-100 vertical colloid mill is making of stainless steel, half of stainless steel. Vertical means that there is vertical motor with gear grinding, the motor is installed vertically.


JML-100 vertical colloid mill characteristics

Relative to the pressure-type homogenizer, colloid mill first is a kind of centrifugal equipment.
It has the advantage of simple structure, equipment maintenance convenient, suitable for high viscosity materials and large particles of the material.
Its main drawback is decided by its structure. First of all, due to eccentric exercise, the traffic is not a constant; the corresponding to the same sticky material flow has changed a lot.
The same equipment, for example, in dealing with the paint sticky materials and thin milk fluid, the traffic can be a difference of more than 10 times; Second, due to the friction between the stator and the material, so easy to produce a larger quantity of heat, make the treated material degeneration; Third, the surface is easy to wear and abrasion, refine the effect will be dropped significantly.


JML-100 vertical colloid mill structure

Colloid mill in addition to the machine and some parts, and material contact parts are all made of high quality stainless steel, especially the key of dynamic and static reinforcement processing mill, therefore, has good resistance to corrosion and abrasion resistance, make the processing of materials clean pollution-free health.

JML-50 Laboratory colloid mill structure

JML-100 vertical colloid mill usage

Colloid mill is mainly used in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily industry, building industry, papermaking industry, plastic industry, battery industry, etc. Its structure is made by grinding the head piece, the base drive; Special motor of three parts.


JML-100 vertical colloid mill classification

1, according to the structure: vertical colloid mill (JML) and split colloid mill (JMF),
2, according to the exterior: carbon steel colloid mill and stainless steel colloid mill.


JML-100 vertical colloid mill technical parameters



Style No.
Emulsification fineness um (single or multiple loop)
Adjusting range mm
Production t/h  According to the material properties
Power KW
Voltage V
Speed  rpm
Burrs diameter mm
Discharging mouth diameter (time)
Cooling water pipe diameter(time)
Overall size
Length mm
Wide mm
Height mm
Weight  kg
Warm note:
1. The parameters in the chart are standard configuration, such as customer requires otherwise, please put forward.
2, Colloid mill selection process parameters should be provided: the material properties, motor power, production, special requirements, etc.

JML-100 vertical colloid mill finished picture

JML-100 vertical colloid mill finished picture

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