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JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill


Colloid mill basic working principle is made by crushing grinding on mill tooth profile incline relative motion, one of the high speed rotating, another still make through tooth profile incline between material by shear force and friction force, at the same time in the high frequency vibration and the high-speed spiral complex under the action of forces, such as the material effective grinding, emulsifying, crushing, dispersion and homogeneous


JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill characteristics


1.       It has good resistance to corrosion and abrasion resistance, make the processing of materials clean pollution-free health;
2.       Beautiful appearance, good sealing, stable performance, convenient operation, high production efficiency.
3.       Effectively crush, emulsion, homogeneous and warm material
4.       Split colloid mill’s gear grinding speed is higher than the motor speed, so the output the corresponding also is big, even if the same type, the same power of motor, the output of horizontal colloid mill also significantly greater than vertical colloid mill;
5.       Split colloid mill also called horizontal colloid mill, Separate the motor and gear grinding, the work of hot noninterference, easy to work long hours.


JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill structure

The main structures of colloid mill are grinding parts, the base transmission department and dedicated motor. The dynamic and still millstones in the core part and mechanical seal parts are the most key parts.

Therefore, according to the different natures of the materials, the selection must be different. But the materials are all made of stainless steel.

JMFB-80 Split Colloid Mill structure


JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill usage


2. Chemical Industry: paints, lubricating oil, spices, dyes, emulsified asphalt, emulsified rubber, catalyst, paint coating etc.


3. Pharmaceutical Industry: cod liver oil, athlete cream, bee honey, pollen etc.


4. Daily Chemical Industry: shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, balsam, soap, and detergent, etc;


5. Other Industry: building industry, paper industry, plastic industry, battery industry, etc


JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill classification


1, according to the exterior: ordinary laboratory colloid mill and Stainless steel colloid milllaboratory type.


JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill technical parameters



Style No.
Emulsification fineness um (single or multiple loop)
Adjusting range mm
Production t/h  According to the material properties
Power KW
Voltage V
Speed  rpm
Burrs diameter mm
Discharging mouth diameter (time)
Cooling water pipe diameter(time)
Overall size
Length  mm
Wide  mm
Height  mm
Weight  kg
Warm note:


1.       The parameters in the chart are standard configuration, if customer have special requirements, please put forward.


2.       Colloid mill selection process parameters should be provided: the material properties, motor power, production, special requirements, etc.



JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill finished picture

JMFB-120 Split Colloid Mill finished picture

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