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JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill


JMFB-180 Split Colloid MillI is composed of stainless steel, and semi-stainless steel colloid mill, used in all kinds of fluid, semi-liquid, emulsion, homogeneous, emulsifying, mixing, crushing, etc., can replace stone mill, sanding machine, ball mill, such as organization pounding machine’s work.

Colloid mill basic principles is when fluid and semi-fluid material go through the fixed gear and moved gear which is high-speed relatively linked, can be influenced by strong shear, friction and high-frequency vibration, and be effectively crushed, emulsified, homogenized. So that precision products can be made.


JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill characteristics


The grinding equipment relative to the pressure-type homogenizer, colloid mill first is a kind of centrifugal equipment. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and is suitable for high viscosity materials and large particles materials.


Split colloid mill with a vertical motor juxtaposed with the body fission installation, pulley, and material contact parts adopt stainless steel material, including health level split type colloid mill shape overall package of stainless steel. Different from vertical colloid mill puts motor material below the hopper plate, avoid the risk of material spilling into the motor.


JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill structure

The main structures of colloid mill are grinding parts, the base transmission department and dedicated motor.

JMFB-80 Split Colloid Mill structure

The dynamic and still millstones in the core part and mechanical seal parts are the most key parts.

Therefore, according to the different natures of the materials, the selection must be different. But the materials are all made of stainless steel.


JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill usage

1. Food Industry: dairy products, chocolate, soy sauce, jam, peanut butter, butter and beverage;


2. Chemical Industry: paints, lubricating oil, spices, dyes, emulsified asphalt, emulsified rubber, catalyst, paint coating etc;


3. Pharmaceutical Industry: cod liver oil, athlete cream, bee honey, pollen etc;


4. Daily Chemical Industry: shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, balsam, soap, and detergent, etc;


5. Other Industry: building industry, paper industry, plastic industry, battery industry, etc.


JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill classification


1. According to Angle of Appearance: there are Ordinary Split Colloid Mill and Sanitary Split Stainless steel Colloid Mill.


JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill technical parameters



Style No.
Emulsification fineness um (single or multiple loop)
Adjusting range mm
Production t/h  According to the material properties
Power KW
Voltage V
Speed  rpm
Burrs diameter mm
Discharging mouth diameter (time)
Cooling water pipe diameter(time)
Overall size
Length  mm
Wide  mm
Height  mm
Weight  kg

Warm note:


1.   The parameters in the chart are standard configuration, such as customer requires otherwise, please put forward.


2.   Colloid mill selection process parameters should be provided: the material properties, motor power, production, special requirements, etc.


JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill finished picture

JMFB-180 Split Colloid Mill finished picture

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