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Liquid strains fermentation tank

Hangzhou HUIHE Machine Facture Co., Ltd is specializing in the production of liquid strains fermentation tank, because most of the industrial microbial need oxygen, so the aeration and agitation fermented is usually used to increase the dissolved oxygen, so as to meet the needs of microbial metabolism.


Liquid strains fermentation tank usage

The fermentation equipment is mainly used for dairy, food, biotechnology, beverage, wine and other industry to stir and ferment.

Liquid strains fermentation tank characteristics


1. Using gas circulation principle, the structure is simple, easy to operate, fast hypha growth, vitality is strong;


2. The tank electric heating sterilization, also can use steam sterilization, heating tube long life, easy to tear open outfit;


3. Using imported secondary high efficiency, high precision filter, filter, absolute filtration, avoid bacterial contamination, filter. Used in the fermentation tank of the reign of steam sterilization, do not need to tear open outfit, easy to use, long service life;


4. With double temperature control mode of automatic temperature control, high accuracy, it can according to different strains of sterilization, fermentation temperature and sterilization time can be set up freely. Medium sterilization, cooling time not more than 2 hours;


5. Fermentation tank and pipe, valves, filters, are all made of stainless steel, polished both inside and outside, no dead Angle;


6. This series in the fermentation tank, fermentation tank and storage tank of lash tank, there are also two couplets of fermentation tank and tank’s tank, greatly improve the efficiency of fermentation tank, two of them plus tank fermented system, every day can be a fermentation system provided strains, greatly reduces the user equipment investment.


Liquid strains fermentation tank classification


According to the different methods of ventilation can be divided into: mechanical mixing fermentation tank, gas lift circulation fermentation tank, the bubble fermentation tank and self-priming fermentation tank.


Liquid strains fermentation tank technical parameters

Product name Liquid pilot fermentation system
Volume of tank 500~3000L  
Material of tank SUS304,SUS321,316L high quality stainless steel  
Sterilization ways Reign sterilization  
Stirring ways Mechanical agitation, straight, curved, oblique leaf, the leaf of the arrow  
Air filtration system Adopt imported aseptic filtration or domestic high-quality filtration system  
Temperature control (Cooling water +5℃)~65.0℃±0.2℃  
Stirring speed 0~1000±5rpm      Dc speed control  
PH control 2.00~12.00±0.05pH Switch control, acid-base two-way pump time ratio  
Dissolved oxygen (do) 0~150±3%, Display precision 0.1%, With the rotate speed linkage control  
Bubble Electrode, the pump automatically add defoaming agent  
Supplementary food Automatic setting pump switch control, automatic flow and measurement. (can be manual control)  
Air volume Manual control, instrument display  
Pressure control Manual control (optional) automatic control, instrument display  
Tank pressure 0~0.3MPa  
Power supply 220VAC/50Hz  


The above fermentation tank parameters are the standard parameters, if you have special request, please put forward!


Liquid strains fermentation tank finished picture

Liquid strains fermentation tank finished picture

Liquid strains fermentation tank finished picture 2