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Laboratory homogenizer,laboratory high pressure homogenizer

Laboratory high pressure homogenizer is widely used in food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and biological engineering in the areas of production, scientific research and technology development.

Homogenizer also can be used for universities and colleges, scientific research institutes with the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic related experimental use, also can be used for small manufacturers.

Laboratory high pressure homogenizer characteristic

1. Due to its small size, only a tiny amount of sample test, so especially suitable for various sample test experiment.
2. This machine is a new two plunger for reciprocating movement, all contact with the material surface with a special acid-proof stainless steel material, conform to the health of design can also in detergent circulation and water in situ cleaning.


Laboratory high pressure homogenizer working performance


1. Normal working pressure of 0-80 Mpa, the maximum working pressure of 100 Mpa, the ability to work 30-60 l/H, at least test sample quantity about 150 ml.

2. Power supply: 3 * 380 v, 50 Hz, power: 0.37 ~ 4 KW.

3. For high voltage 0.05 1 um grain size, low voltage 0.15 2 um.


Laboratory high pressure homogenizer structure


The homogeneous equipment is mainly composed of frame, transmission case, pump body, pressure gauge, homogenizer, and other parts.

Laboratory high pressure homogenizer structure

Laboratory high pressure homogenizer technical parameters

Model Flow L/H Maximum pressure(MPa) Working pressure (Mpa) Weight (kg) Overall size(cm) Power (kw)
GJB30-40 30 40 0~32 230 95×75×120 2.2
GJB500-25 500 25 0~20 670 100×75×110 5.5
GJB300-40 300 40 0~32 670 100×75×110 5.5
GJB500-40 500 40 0~32 670 100×75×110 7.5
GJB300-60 500 60 0~48 720 100×75×110 11
GJB500-60 300 60 0~48 700 100×75×110 7.5
GJB300-100 500 70 0~56 720 100×75×110 11


1. Homogenizer parameters in chart are all standard, any requirements, please put forward.

Laboratory high pressure homogenizer finished picture

Laboratory high pressure homogenizer finished picture

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