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High sheared homogenizer

High sheared homogenizer is a highly efficient, fast and evenly to a phase or multiple phase (liquid, solid and gas) into another mutual miscibility of continuous phase (usually liquid) of the process equipment. And in each phase is normally not miscibility. The external energy input the two kinds of material restructuring to become homogenous phase.

High sheared homogenizer characteristic

  1. This homogenizer can make the miscibility of the solid phase, liquid phase and gas phase in the corresponding practice process and a moderate amount of additives, under the joint action of instantaneous uniform fine dispersed emulsion, after high frequency high shear scattered emulsifying machine cycle, end up with a stable high-quality products;
  2. When the external energy input, two kinds of material restructuring to become homogenous phase. High shear high pressure homogenizer resulting from rotor high-speed rotation high tangent velocity and high frequency mechanical effect, the strong momentum of the material in the narrow gap, rotor by strong mechanical and hydraulic shear layer, centrifugal extrusion, liquid friction, tear and turbulent combination of impact, (solid/liquid) to form suspension, emulsion (liquid/liquid) and foam (gas/liquid);
  3. Bearing support, module combination, no pollution for the material, chemical industry, food, cosmetics high clean ideal choice;
  4. Reasonable design, easy cleaning, installation conform to GMP requirement;
  5. Homogenizer flange can choose skeleton seal and machine seal;
  6. Fully implement various viscosity material dispersion, emulsion, homogeneous, dissolved, reaction, let you in production with ease.


High sheared homogenizer applied range


High sheared homogenizer is suitable for food industry, fine chemical industry, petroleum chemical industry, pesticide industry, biological medicine industry, daily chemical industry, papermaking industry material dispersion, emulsion, homogeneous, dissolved, response operation.


High sheared homogenizer structure


This homogeneous equipment is mainly composed of frame, transmission case, pump body, pressure gauge, homogenizer, etc parts.

Intermittent high shear scattered homogenizer is a high-speed rotor rotation, forming high frequency and strong circumferential tangent speed, angular speed and other integrated kinetic energy efficiency. Under the role of the stator, the reasonable narrow gap between stator and rotor forms strong, reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, flow collision and other comprehensive effect. Material cycles in the container the working process above, obtain the final product.

High sheared homogenizer structure


High sheared homogenizer technical parameters

High sheared homogenizer’s highest working pressure is 80 (Mpa) to 100 (Mpa), technical parameters:

Model Flow L/H Maximum pressure(MPa) Working pressure (Mpa) Weight (kg) Overall size(cm) Power (kw)
GJB1000-80 1000 80 0~64 1500 130×125×150 30
GJB1500-80 1500 80 0~64 2000 210×110×105 45
GJN1000-100 1000 100 0~80 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB1000-100 1000 100 0~85 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB1600-100 1600 100 0~85 2600 250×130×105 55
GJB2500-100 2500 100 0~85 3800 2100×200×110 90


1. Homogenizer parameters  in chart are all standard, any requirements, please put forward.


High sheared homogenizer finished picture

High sheared homogenizer finished picture

High sheared homogenizer package