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High speed scattered homogenizer

High speed scattered homogenizer is after mixing, emulsifying, pounding machine series and latest development of products.

High speed scatted homogenizer has high speed, stable operation, low noise, big power, scattered homogeneous character such as good effect, and also stirring, mashed, emulsification and other functions.

High speed scattered homogenizer characteristic

  1. This homogeneous equipment using suction homogenate in structure, high speed. Enough to not miscibility between the liquid and efficiently homogenate, emulsification and trace organic compounds in water and lipid soluble content and extraction of organic solvent soluble substances.
  2. Organizations are for all kinds of animals; plants can achieve homogenate and mixed.
  3. It can break the cell membrane to the nucleus separation, and can use different speed makes a DNA strand break column or macromolecular material is broken into small molecules.
  4. When low speed can be used as a stirrer.
  5. Speed digital display, intuitive readings.
  6. This scatted homogenizer equipped with two different specifications of the cutting tool (from 10 mm, 18 mm), the user can choose according to the size of the vessel diameter, free, and convenient installation. Tool adopts high quality stainless steel, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant performance, and easy to clean disinfection.


High speed scattered homogenizer applied range


Elaboration chemical: Pigment, dyestuff, paint, paint, plastic, etc.
Petroleum chemical: Lubricating oil, heavy oil mixing, diesel emulsification, emulsifying asphalt, catalysts, etc.
Pesticide chemical: Chemical fertilizer, pesticide emulsifier, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, plant hormones, urea, compound fertilizer, etc
Biological medicine: Pulp cells, the protein dispersant, medicine cream, antibiotics, sugar, etc.
Daily chemical: Skin cream, detergent, antiseptic, hairdressing supplies, toothpaste, daily essence, etc.
Food industry: Food additives, flavors, spices, fruit juice, jam, ice cream, dairy products, chocolate, etc.
Coating printing ink: Exterior coating, adhesive, printing ink, ink, etc;
Paper industry: Mixed pulp, paint, adhesives, resin emulsion, etc.


High speed scattered homogenizer structure


This homogeneous equipment is mainly composed of frame, transmission case, pump body, pressure gauge, homogenizer, etc parts.

High speed scattered homogenizer structure


High speed scattered homogenizer technical parameters

High sheared homogenizer’s highest working pressure is 80 (Mpa) to 100 (Mpa), technical parameters:

Model Flow L/H Maximum pressure(MPa) Working pressure (Mpa) Weight (kg) Overall size(cm) Power (kw)
GJB1000-80 1000 80 0~64 1500 130×125×150 30
GJB1500-80 1500 80 0~64 2000 210×110×105 45
GJN1000-100 1000 100 0~80 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB1000-100 1000 100 0~85 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB1600-100 1600 100 0~85 2600 250×130×105 55
GJB2500-100 2500 100 0~85 3800 2100×200×110 90


1. Homogenizer parameters  in chart are all standard, any special requirements, please put forward.


High speed scattered homogenizer finished picture


High speed scattered homogenizer finished picture

High sheared homogenizer package