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Emulsion scattered homogenizer

Emulsion scattered homogenizer is a new product that we manufactured successfully according to the international newest technology of Nineties. It is suitable for the homogenizing of liquid products whose viscosity is lower than 0.2Pa and whose temperature is lower than 80°C such as dairy, beverage, makeup, and medicine and so on.

This homogenizer equipment transports the processed material to homogenizing vale in high pressure way by triple plunger pump, making the material receive complex force such as turbulence, cavity, cut when the material flow past the little space between the valve plate and the valve seat to reach the purpose of emulsification and homogenizing.

Emulsion scattered homogenizer characteristic

1. With high stability, low noise, easy clean, flexible advantages and can be continuously used, to the material, can be super fine scattered and emulsified. It can be widely used in industrial production of emulsion, uniform and scattered.

2.  Making the material refined mix under the triple action of crowding inquiry, strong impact and loss-pressure expansion. This equipment is important equipment in food, dairy. drink, and other industrial.

3. For soybean milk and other kinds of dairy drink milk, under high pressure for homogeneous, can make the dairy fat in liquid ball significant refinement, making its products easy to digest and absorb, increase use value.

4. Used in the production of ice cream and other products can improve the degree of fineness and loose, making its inherent quality obviously improved.

5. Used for emulsions, glue, fruit juice, slurries and other production, can prevent or reduce material liquid to layered, improve the look of the material liquid effect, making its color brighter, fragrance thicker, tastes well.


Emulsion scattered homogenizer applied range


Homogenizer application in biological medicine; food industry; day care; coating printing ink; nano-materials; petroleum chemical; printing and dyeing auxiliaries; paper industry; pesticide and fertilizer;plastic rubber; power electronics and other fine chemical industry.


Emulsion scattered homogenizer structure


The stator works in concert with rotor, the working head (the stator and rotor forging manufacturing) is claw type structure, double suction and the shear efficiency is high.

Intermittent high shear scattered homogenizer is a high-speed rotor rotation, forming high frequency and strong circumferential tangent speed, angular speed and other integrated kinetic energy efficiency. Under the role of the stator, the reasonable narrow gap between stator and rotor forms strong, reciprocating hydraulic shear, friction, centrifugal extrusion, flow collision and other comprehensive effect. Material cycles in the container the working process above, obtain the final product.


Emulsion scattered homogenizer technical parameters

High sheared homogenizer’s highest working pressure is 80 (Mpa) to 100 (Mpa), technical parameters:

Model Flow L/H Maximum pressure(MPa) Working pressure (Mpa) Weight (kg) Overall size(cm) Power (kw)
GJB7000-25 7000 25 0~20 2550 250×130×110 65
GJB5000-30 5000 30 0~24 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB6000-30 6000 30 0~24 2500 250×130×110 55
GJB4000-32 4000 32 0~25.6 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB3000-40 3000 40 0~32 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB4000-40 4000 40 0~32 2500 250×130×110 55
GJB5000-40 5000 40 0~32 2600 250×130×110 65
GJB2000-60 2000 60 0~48 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB3000-60 3000 60 0~48 2850 250×130×110 65
GJB2000-70 2000 70 0~56 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB1500-80 1500 80 0~64 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB8000-20 8000 20 0~16 2550 250×130×110 65
GJB1000-100 1000 100 0~80 2000 210×110×105 37
GJB10000-25 10000 25 0~20 3500 215×200×110 90
GJB1200-100 1200 100 0~85 2000 210×110×105 45
GJB1600-100 1600 100 0~85 2600 250×130×110 55
GJB2500-100 2500 1000 0~85 3800 2100×200×110 90


1. Homogenizer parameters  in chart are all standard, any requirements, please put forward.


Emulsion scattered homogenizer finished picture

Emulsion scattered homogenizer