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Milk production line

Milk, one of the oldest natural drinks, just as its name implies is to female cows. In different countries, the milk also points have different level. Milk production line is one kind of beverage machinery type; it is the beverage machinery manufacturer’s one of the developed dairy beverage equipment. By far the most common is the whole milk, low fat and skim milk.

Suitable for milk production line packing material

  Milk can be packed in cartons, Cadbury packaging, packaging, sig roof box packing such as packing material.


Milk production line process flow figure

Milk production line process flow figure


Milk production line classification


1, milk, pasteurized milk production line


Adopts pasteurization and sterilization should be full in 4 to 10 refrigerated, at present more popular. Maximum retains the nutrients in milk.


Mostly short shelf life of milk pasteurization milk "homogeneous" disinfection and sterilization in this way can make the nutrients in milk to obtain ideal, is one of the world's most advanced milk sterilization methods.


Milk production line, the so-called "homogeneous", refers to the new process in milk processing, and is put in the milk fat ball grinding, make fat sufficient to immerse himself in the protein, thus preventing adhesion and condensation, fat is more conducive to the body to absorb. The shelf life is generally within 48 hours.


Their nutritional value and fresh milk difference is not big, the loss of B vitamins is only around 10%, but some physiological active substances may be disabled.


2, the normal temperature milk, milk production line


Using ultra high temperature sterilization can kill harmful bacteria that shelf life will be extended to six to 12 months, without cold storage. But nutrients would be a lot of damage.


3, reconstituted milk, milk production line


Shall not be used for milk powder, pasteurized milk, but the normal temperature milk, yogurt and other dairy products are available, but must indicate the raw material for the "reconstituted milk" or "water and milk powder".


4, fresh milk, milk production line


In many developed countries, without sterilization of raw milk is the most popular with consumers, but also the most expensive. New extrusion milk contains lysozyme, antimicrobial active substances, to keep under 4 for 24 hours to 36 hours. This milk without heating, not only nutritious, but also retained some of the milk trace physiological active ingredients, good for the growth of children.


5, milk production line sterilized milk


Many manufacturers in order to meet the needs of the workers produce save Cadbury package for a longer time. Save it for a longer time package milk has comprehensive sterilization in the processing, strains of beneficial to human body is the basic "articles", the nutrition of milk and have also been destroyed.



Milk production line process characteristics


1, after the acceptance of raw milk, should be a net lotion, cooling and storage processes such as pretreatment. After filtering and centrifugal separation and purification of milk should be rapidly cooled to 2-3 storage.


2, the purpose of standardization is to make the quality of the products conform to the requirements of the standards, will not fluctuate according to the source of raw material is different.


3, pasteurized milk homogeneous purpose mainly is to use the homogenizer powerful machinery operation will milk fat ball broken into tiny particles, the fat from the agglomeration and buoyancy, and ensure that the product of uniform fine white sensory quality, at the same time, further improve the digestion and absorption of milk.


4, is the purpose of pasteurized to kill pathogenic bacteria, especially n/med tuberculosis bacili, at the same time try to reduce the number of spoilage organisms.


A sterilized milk, low temperatures over long periods of time (LTLT) : 62 ~ 65 , 30 min


B, high temperature short time sterilization (HTST) : 80 ~ 85 , 10 ~ 15 s


C, ultra pasteurized milk sterilization: 125 ~ 138 , 2 ~ 4 s


Milk production line finished picture

Milk production line is generally composed of fermentation tank, jacketed kettle, ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine, sterilization pot, tanks and other stainless steel tank and pipeline of single machine equipment.
Milk production line workshop picture

Milk production line test picture

Milk production line after-sales service introduction


Note: we provide factory planning, design, technology formulation technical support, equipment installation and debugging, staff training operation. Domestic provide free door-to-door installation, if you have any question we send a specialist to provide door-to-door after-sales service!


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