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Dubai customer stainless steel vessel mixing tank

Hangzhou Huihe Machine Facture Co., Ltd domestic trade and foreign trade of professional sales team, and a backend support network department with the sales support department, technology research and development department and other departments, can be designed according to customer requirements of various stainless steel vesseljacketed kettlesterilization equipment, milk cooling tank and other food machinery equipment.

Dubai’s customer need to custom number of stainless steel mixing tank, visit our company and the specific details of the negotiations and sales staff.

Huihe machine production of various food processing equipments are widely used in environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, dairy products, daily chemical, biological engineering, and other fields of fluid and semi-liquid materiel filtering, heating, cooling, mixing and storage. We are able to independent research and development design of a complete set of production equipment of all kinds of food and beverage, and can be carried out the door installation and technical training, implement turn-key project.