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Pakistan customer’s high pressure melt sugar jacketed kettle

Hangzhou Huihe machine facture committed to small and medium food enterprises and become the preferred partner, with our research and development for small and medium-sized food enterprises production more benefit of food machinery equipment for the mission!

Huihe enterprises professional provide all kinds of the design and production of the stainless steel container, we can design according to the requirement of the customers various kinds of stainless steel pot, jacketed kettle, sterilization equipment, milk cooling cans and other food machinery equipment.

Pakistan’s customer come to factory examine goods, with sales staff and engineers took a group photo.

Huihe machine have a professional sales team, domestic trade and foreign trade and has a senior technical engineering department, technology research and development department, after-sale service department and other departments, one-stop service implementation food and beverage, etc. The design of a complete set of production equipment and production, such as soy milk production, milk production, dairy production lines, tea drink production line and other food and beverage equipment.

The company takes "the service for small and medium-sized food enterprises, the benefit of the public" as the core values, the company product sales all over the world for eight years, and in the food machinery industry and beverage industry is deeply trusted by the user.