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Soy milk production line

Soy milk is beans as the main raw material. Currently, soy milk sold on the market, wide variety, the price is suitable, convenient and thus is very popular with the consumers.

According to the analysis, soy milk rich in vegetable protein and phospholipids also contains vitamin B1, B2 and nicotinic acid. In addition, the soybean milk also contains the minerals such as iron, calcium, especially its calcium, although less tofu, but higher than any other dairy.


Soy milk production line classification

  Soy milk production line generally can divide into: oatmeal soy milk production line, black soy bean milk production line, soy bean milk and soy milk production line, red bean soy bean production line, peanut soy milk production line, vivi soy milk production line.


Soy milk production line process flow figure

Soybean production line process flow figure


Soy milk makes principle and characteristics

Soy milk production line is mainly by bean crushing into fresh juice, then add some food additives, and finally can make everybody loves soy milk on the market. It can enhance the body physique and improve the elderly memory.


Suitable for soy milk product’s packing material


1.       According to packing material: Self-reliance bags liquid flexible packing, the disposable cup, PET bottle packing

2.       According to the shelf life: 2-4 cold storage 3 days, keep in room temperature for 3 months.

Soy milk production line parts

    Soy milk production line main have colloid mill, high-pressure homogenizer, sterilization tank, super high temperature instant style sterilizer, CIP cleaning system and single equipment part.

Soy milk production line process flow


This system is composed of five processing section:

(1) Water treatment section

Blasting gas pool to quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter - level 1 reverse osmosis - ultraviolet sterilization and aseptic storage

(2) Raw material processing section

Soy to soak, clean to coarse grinding, fine grinding and plasma slag separation and filtration

(3) The deployment of standardized section

Allocate (prepare pot) to instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization, vacuum degassing - homogeneous - sterile storage

(4) Filling sterilization packaging

Filling and secondary sterilization

(5) The CIP cleaning section

CIP cleaning system


Soy milk production line finished equipment show


Soy milk production line finished equipment show


Soy milk production line process characteristics

Huihe machinery provides this production line equipment as long as the part contacting materials adopts stainless steel material ICR18N19Ti production. It can be carried out on-site installation and technical training, implement turn-key project.

1, soak stage;

Put the soybean to three times weight of water immersion. Soak time depending on the water temperature, water temperature under 10 , soak 10 to 12 h (h); Soaking temperature 10 to 25 , usually 6-10 h (h);

In order to shorten the time of soaking soybean, soaking heating method can be used to soak soybeans, but not more than 60 when heating water temperature soaking water, soaking in the process also can join the right amount of sodium bicarbonate to shorten soaking time, and can better removing the pigment in soybeans, soy milk of milky white, improve the effect of homogeneous, also helps to remove oligosaccharides and accelerate the protease inhibitors passivation, improve the flavor of soy milk.

2, soybean milk elaboration:

Use above 80 hot water, adding 0.25% sodium bicarbonate, water for eight to 10 times the dry weight of soybean. Use separate pulping machine, separate the slurry and okras.

3, degassing stage;

Soya-bean milk after high temperature sterilization to take off the angry machine, the instantaneous sterilization of 100 ~ 110 could be used to kill bacteria and corruption, destroy the adverse factors, the composition such as passivation fat oxidase and urease, to achieve the effect of remove beans milk xing peculiar smell.

4, homogeneous;

Into the homogenizer temperature at 80 , pressure within 15-23 MPA, to homogeneous material, to ensure that soy milk and delicate, improve the stability of the product.


Soy milk production line after-sales service introduction

Note: we provide factory planning, design, technology formulation technical support, equipment installation and debugging, staff training operation. Domestic provide free door-to-door installation, if you have any question we send a specialist to provide door-to-door after-sales service!


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