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The summarize of autoclave safety interlocking device

Date:Jan 26,15Author:admin Click: times
The safety interlocking device of autoclave is important consist part of sterilization equipment quick-open, its important guarantee to ensure the autoclave safe operation, effectively prevent accidents.


1. Safety interlocking device main function

(1). When the cover closed and locked, safety interlocking device send out the sound and light alarm, the autoclave can improve pressure and operation.

(2). after finishing operation of autoclave, the pressure in the kettle have released, it will send out sound and light alarm, open the cover after the safety interlock disengaged. (Only all the pressure in the kettle released it can open the cover).

2.  Safety interlocking device structure

The device is manly consists of manual interlock device, travel switch device and electric control cabinet. Manual interlock device and travel switch device are in the autoclave door flange swivel lock blocks, both forms double interlocking, got fully safety guarantee. The electric control cabinet has set power switch and power, interlock, pressure, non pressure, alarm and light and alarm lamp (sound and light alarm).

3. Safety interlocking device performance

The manual interlock device’s locking block not only can close or open the interlock device, but also the valve switch of the pot release pressure pipe. When the cover not locked, swivel is in a state of not turned in place, the interlock device’s locking block cannot closed, pressure relief valve tube keep in open state, the inner kettle cannot operate the booster. Because even if let the steam in, it also release from the pressure relief tube.

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