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The Reaction Vessel's General Measures of Static Electricity Prevention

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Huihe Machine will introduce the reaction vessel’s general measures of static electricity prevention:

The Reaction Vessel

1. Control medium injection
Inject the medium from the bottom of stainless steel container; try to avoid injecting from the top of reaction vessel. If you do need to inject from the top of reaction equipment, the pipe outlet should be inserted into the tank and its depth should be 200mm from the bottom.

Stainless Steel Container

2. Control medium velocity
The greater the flow rate is, the easier the static electricity to generate. The safety flow rate of oil in the pipe is v=0.8(1/d) 1/2 (D is the pipe diameter; V represents the average flow velocity).

3. Filled with inert protective gas
In a stainless steel container, filled with nitrogen protection to reduce the oxygen content, so that oil in the tank cannot form explosive mixture gas. Even if the tank cause static discharge spark, the security of the tank can be guaranteed.        

4. Avoid water, medium mixing transportation, different media mixing transportation, and avoid liquid medium, oil gas and compressed air mixing transportation. Dewater the storage tank timely, and pay special attention to the dewatering before feeding.

5. Jumper
Floating roof tank’s roof and tank wall need jumper. Pipelines and valves flow meters, filters, pumps, tank deed jumper when using the insulating material or corrosion.     

6. Grounding
Electric heating reaction tank, free body can share common grounding with lightning protection and grounding if need grounding.

Electric Heating Reaction vessel

7. Install static electricity eliminator
Install static electricity eliminator at the end of the pipe; inject the charge of opposite polarity with oil to the pipeline, to realize the charge neutralization and static electricity elimination.

8. Install the static electricity alleviator
Install the static electricity alleviator after the filter and before the position of fluid into the stainless steel container before.

9. Adding antistatic additives 
Adding antistatic additives, greatly increases the conductivity, the static charge cannot accumulate inside of the media, very quickly leak to earth through the Jumper.

10. To control the human body static electricity generation and elimination of static electricity on human body
Tank personnel (sampling, measurement) need to touch the human body electrostatic device first and wear anti-static clothing. 

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