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Maintenance Notes and Points of Laboratory Stainless Steel Reactor

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Laboratory reactor should be placed indoors. When there are multiple laboratory stainless steel reaction vessels, they should be separated. Each operation room shall be directly leads to outside or the outlet of the passageway; the reactor equipment site should have good ventilation.

Laboratory Stainless Steel Reactor

2. When installing the stainless steel vessel cover, you should prevent the mutually bump of sealing surface between the reaction tank and its cover. Fix the kettle cover carefully on the kettle body; gradually tighten the main nut many times in the diagonal and symmetry. To achieve good sealing effect, the strength should be uniform, and do not allow the kettle cover inclining to one side. 

The Reaction Equipment

3. in the nut connection, only rotate the nut, the two circular arc sealing surfaces can’t be relatively rotated. All the nut connector should be coated with lubricating oil in the assembly.

4. Needle valve sealing need only gently rotating the needle valve, pressing the sealing cover, can achieve good sealing effect.

5. Rotate the rotary body of the kettle, to check whether the operation is flexible.

6. The controller of high pressure stainless steel should be flat on the operating table, its operating environmental temperature is 10-40 ℃, relative humidity is less than 85%, conductive dust and corrosive gas does not exist in the surrounding medium.

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