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The Issues Should Be Considered When Ordering Reaction Vessel

Date:Sep 24,14Author:admin Click: times
    These are the issues should be considered when ordering reaction vessel

    1. Reactor volume.

    2. Required reaction pressure of the reactor. If just it is for the condition of normal reaction, choose glass reaction vessel. If it is for high pressure condition reaction, must choose the stainless steel reaction vessel or titanium reactor.

Stainless Steel Reactor

    3. The temperature of the reaction should eventually reach.

    4. The viscosity and pH of reaction material.

    Gentle reminder:

    a. There is a direct relationship between the reaction substances viscosity and the reaction tank agitator, if the viscosity is high; the required stirring torque of reaction vessel agitator is large, otherwise small.

    b. There is a direct relationship between the reaction materials’ pH and reactor material, different reactor material has different acid and alkali resistant degree.

    5. Heating method

    In order to meet the needs of different customers, the reaction vessels produced by Huihe Machine are of a variety of heating method for the user to choose, such as electric heating, liquid heating, etc.

    However, choosing heating mode should base on the requirements of the reaction temperature; the maximum temperature of different heating methods is different.

    6. The reaction vessel agitator selecting

    a. Select the agitator type according to the mixing liquid volume.

    b. Select according to the viscosity of stirring liquid.

    c. select according to the stirring speed of technical requirements. The rapid liquid mixing or forming a stable solid particle suspension mixing should select turbine type agitator or propeller type stirrer.

    d. When the reactor volume is larger than 500m³, adopt the side entering type, and the impeller with a propeller type stirrer is preferred.

    e. According to the heat transfer mode, jacket layer heat is appropriate with anchor agitator, heat structure of groove with a coil should choose the propeller agitator or turbine type agitator.

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