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How to Check the Reaction Vessel

Date:Sep 24,14Author:admin Click: times
Many types of reactors that we use today, container design requirements are not the same during the reaction pressure. Through the structure design and parameter configuration of the container to realize the technical requirements of heating, evaporation, cooling and slow and speedy mixing functions. So the production must be in strict accordance with the standard processing, testing and trial operation.

Reaction Vessel View

The reaction equipment needs to be checked after using for a period.

1. Before the examination, firstly have a look at whether the reaction material in the reactor is discharged, drain it if not, and clean it with harmless gas fluid medium, avoid injury to the demolition crews from reactor material.

2. Inspect mixing shaft swing regularly, if the swing is large, open it immediately and replace the bearing and shaft sleeve in accordance with the structure.

3. Maintain vessel blade, baffle, draft tube and other components, check whether there is damage. If broken component appears, replace it timely.

Because of the reaction tank belonging to the stainless steel container, manufacturing equipment is strict, so must be checked carefully to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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