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Characteristics of Back Mixing Phenomenon Often Occurred in Reactor Operation

Date:Sep 26,14Author:admin Click: times
Back mixing phenomenon is common in reaction tank operation. It is the internal flow characteristic of the flow system, its general not easy to directly measure.

Back mixing research is usually to simplify at first, and assume the flow pattern (a simplified physical model of flow macro morphology), use flow model to represent the quantitative relationship between back mixing and the material residence time distribution, and test the model and estimate the model parameters according to the residence time distribution of the materials.

However, the reaction equipment’s back mixing and residence time distribution do not have one to one correspondence. A certain back mixing flow pattern will show certain residence time distribution, but the same residence time distribution may be caused by the different back mixing flow model. So the flow pattern cannot be exactly speculated from the residence time distribution.

The flow of stainless steel vessel is usually very complex; it often can be simplified into several basic flow patterns.

Two ideal flow patterns: one is the zero back mixing flow, namely the plug flow (or the piston flow, or ideal exclusion);The other is infinite back mixing flow, namely the whole flow (or ideal mixing). The non ideal flow pattern of back mixing is between zero and infinity.

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