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How to Operate the Reactor to Obtain High Temperature

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    The reaction vessel needs to obtain high temperature,chemical reaction usually carried out under a certain temperature conditions, so the reaction tank need to be able to bear pressure and temperature. The methods of reaction vessel to obtain high temperature usually as follows:

    1. Water heating
    it can be used for not high temperature requirement. The heating system has two kinds, open and closed.
    Open type is simple, consisting of a circulating pump, water tank, pipeline and regulator of control valve. When using high pressure water, high equipment mechanical strength is needed, weld on snake tube on the outer surface of the reactor, there is a gap between tube and pot wall, so that the thermal resistance increases, the heat transfer effect reduces.

    2. Steam heating
    When the heating temperature is below 100 ℃, a TM steam  is available for heating; Within the range of 100~180 ℃, using saturation steam;When the temperature is higher, the high pressure superheated steam can be used, so often called steam heating reaction vessel (tank).

Steam Heating Reaction Vessel (tank)

    3. Heating by the other medium
    If the process must operate at high temperature or to avoid the use of heating system of high pressure , other medium can be used instead of water and steam, such as mineral oil (275 ~ 300 ℃), biphenyl ether mixture ([wiki] boiling point [/wiki]258 ℃), molten salt (140 ~ 540 ℃), liquid lead (melting point 327 ℃) etc.

    4. Electric Heating
    The resistance wire is wound on the insulating layer of reaction vessel barrel, or installed on the ad hoc insulator away from the reaction kettle for some distance; therefore, a small space gap formed between the resistance wire and the reaction kettle body. The reaction kettle using this heating method is usually called the electric heating reactor (tank).

Electric Heating Reactor (tank)

    The heating methods above require additional jacket layer in the reaction equipment kettle body, due to temperature change range is big, the reaction vessel jacket layer and shell subjected to temperature changing produces temperature difference pressure.

     When using electric heating, the equipment is simple, the temperature is easy to adjust, do not have to use pump, stoves, chimneys and other facilities, it is also very simple to start, the risk is not high, the cost is low, but the operation cost is higher compared with other heating methods, the thermal efficiency is in 85%, so it is suitable for the heating temperature below 400℃ and can somewhere the electricity price is lower.
Stainless Steel Reactor Finished Picture:

Stainless Steel Reactor

The Reaction Equipment

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