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General Process Code of the Reactor Processing

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General process code of the reaction tank machinery processing:

The Reaction vessel

The Reaction Equipment

    1. Carefully watch the instructions described in drawings and process documents when operating the reactor, keep the process documents clean and complete, and shall be in strict accordance with the requirements of design drawings, process and technology when machining parts, and not free to change.      

    2. The operator should check if borrowing tool is complying with process requirements, if in doubt, contact the team leader on time.

    3. Before processing, the operator should firstly check the reaction equipment blank, check the size via last working procedure processing and related to this processing, to determine if the residuals are comply with process requirements.

    4. First article inspection work, when the process is not specified, it should be in the Free State, should not be pressed on the fixture or machine operation table or inspected in other pressing situation, after changing the cutter it should also be inspected.

    5. To continuous machining process or step, in order to avoid useless group by group, the operator should be divided into procedure and step to inspect by himself, when necessary, may request the inspector to coordinate with the inspection.

    6. Chamfer and chamfering, groove, should enhance or increase according to the residuals, ensure the machining is completed to the requirements of drawings or the national standard.

    7. The work piece in the machining processes should be kept clean by the operator, make sure no dust, water and dirt, and put in the instrument neatly. The work piece does not carry out the procedure of processing immediately; the processing surface should take antirust measures.

    8. The place in drawings or process should be blunt if not specified to chamfer and chamfering, except for special requirements such as die edge, under normal circumstances should be carried out when the processing is convenient, if it cannot blunt in reaction vessel mechanical processing, it finally will be a fitter blunt.

    9. Use magnetic table to attract the various processing parts, and demagnetize the parts after processing.

    10. All the machined surface of work piece expect the dimensional tolerances of drawings and processes, limit deviation of unmarked tolerance and unnoted shape and position tolerance need processing according to Q/WTD194-1999 <general technical requirements of product manufacturing>.      

    11. Working place should be kept clean; work piece material should be placed neatly.

    12. The workers should be in charge of the number of works, should deliver and inspect according to the receipt number, not lost and privately find material to replace.

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