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Instructions of Stainless Steel Reactor Water Treatment Agent Promote Circulating Cooling System's Operation Quality

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Chemical production cannot do without circulation cooling system, such as stainless steel reactor, steam heating stainless steel reactor.  enterprises adopt circulating cooling water treatment technology can not only solve the unstable production, low heat transfer efficiency, but also greatly save the production water.

Application of water treatment agent, can further enhance the performance of circulating cooling water treatment process, to achieve the purpose of stable production and water saving. Circulating volume of synthetic ammonia device’s circulating water system is about 30000 cubic meters / hour, if the circulating water system’s abnormal operation cause the device to stop, each stop in every day will result in the loss of about 1000000 yuan.

Through constantly development and improvement of the formulation, we developed the circulating cooling water treatment process with independent intellectual property rights, the water treatment agent is organic alkaline.

Non phosphorus low phosphorus environmental protective corrosion inhibitor in stainless steel reaction tank has the advantages like low phosphorus and environmental protection, low concentration, no need  to adjust pH value, it can adapt to a wide range of water quality, especially suitable for strict quality water such as high pH, high calcium, high alkalinity, high chlorine ion, it is multifunctional water treatment formula in line with the green environmental protection water treatment technology development trend.

Besides, non phosphorus low phosphorus environmental protective corrosion inhibitor in stainless steel reactor has the dual effect of scale and corrosion. It Can greatly improve the concentration multiple of circulating water system, reduce water and chemical consumption, improve the utilization of water, low phosphorus products on the environmental emission standards will also have a positive effect.

Circulating cooling water treatment agent has already developed from the initial phosphate formula, to organic phosphorus (nuclear) acid salt, low phosphorus (nuclear) acid salt all organic formula And no phosphorus environmental protection formula, expanded to multiple species, high efficiency, low toxicity, low phosphorus environmental protection formula.

Improved and maintained benzene chloride of stainless steel reactor and reboiler welding process is an important organic solvent; it is widely used in medicine, dyes, pesticides and engineering plastics areas as an intermediate.

Frequent leakage failure occurs in the process of using rectifying re boiler, resulting in non planned shutdown for maintenance, affecting the normal production.

Through the discussion of the sequence of expansion and welding, the distillation re boiler tube plate and tube joint’s welding process was improved, to extent the service time of equipment, and ensure the normal production.

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