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The Utilization Rate of Reaction Vessel

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In the reactor production industry, both the reactor products and its own production process are far away from the national economy requires. 
The reactor mechanical products’ work efficiency, steel utilization and environmental performance is generally lower than the international advanced level, the extensive development mode is not only unable to support the upgrading and transformation of the national economy, but also cannot adapt to the market competition in an open environment situation, it cannot guarantee industry’s sustainable development.  

With the sustained and rapid economic growth for several consecutive years and the pace of urbanization accelerating, our countries’ demand of reaction tank will continue to increase; the contradiction between supply and demand will become increasingly prominent. At the same time, high energy consumption, high pollution, high consumption problems in our countries’ economy, increases the contradiction between supply and demand of resources and reaction vessel as well as environmental pressures. To change this situation, it is necessary to improve the utilization efficiency of the reactor and resources, but it also improves the quality of our economic growth, reducing the unit energy consumption, take the low-carbon development strategy. All these require advanced machine technology to support, which requires us to improve the technology.

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