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The Notes of Reactor's First Installation

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1. The height of reactor working table should be set according to the using situation. It should be installed on a firm, level workbench. Some space (≥360cm) must be left surrounding the working table and the equipment, for convenient installation later repair.

2. When installing the stainless steel vessel, the drive shaft must be perpendicular to the horizontal; the deviation (tilt) is not greater than 1/1000 of the total height of the device.

3. Spare parts and safety valves of the reactor equipment’s process nozzle must be equipped in accordance with the requirement.

4. After the installation of the reaction tank, please check the reliability of connecting parts and transmission parts; make sure there is no bubble, take, drop, leakage phenomenon in each connecting pipe and nozzle seal leakage test machine.

5.Link the equipment line firmly, inject the 46# mechanical oil into the speed reducer before starting, change the speed reducer oil regularly as the production, open the motor shield and hand rotate the blades check whether there is card idle phenomenon or stirring paddle wall scraping phenomenon, clean up the kettle dirt, then can the equipment can be started.

6. Complete scheduled maintenance for equipments.

The Reactor’s Finished Picture:

Stainless Steel Vessel


Reactor Equipment

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