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Laboratory Reaction Vessel's Simple Introduction

Date:Jan 13,15Author:admin Click: times
We will introduce the laboratory reactor from the reactor application scope, characteristics, yield, heating principle and heating and cooling process.

Laboratory Reaction Vessel

The scope of application of laboratory reactor is very extensive; its application is especially prominent in the chemical production. Manual operation has been unable to meet the growing progress in chemical production, the active and continuous production of reaction equipment has become indispensable in chemical production.

French control taken by the laboratory reactor, not only can ensure the stability of production, improve product quality, increase revenue, but also can eliminate pollution.

In order to increase yield of reaction tank, reduce the quality deviation of mass production and reduce cost, the large volume slowly becomes the effective way and development trend of chemical production.

In order to control laboratory reactor heat pipe reasonably, chemical production has put forward higher requirements for the application of heat pipe technology.

Laboratory reactor can realize continuous heating and cooling, can operate the compressor technology under high temperature and high pressure, can open the compressor refrigeration directly from 200 degrees, and improve the energy efficiency.

Products of rapid temperature rise and fall system realize accurate control of the laboratory reactor reaction temperature. Characteristics: equipped with heating and cooling container, large heat transfer area, the warming and cooling rate is fast, the demand for oil is relatively small.

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