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Water and Powder Mixing Pump

Water and powder mixing machine stirs fully the powder material and liquid with impeller rotating in high speed,and puts out the mixture required.The highest temperature of the machine is 80 degree,is especially suitable to produce dairy products of milk remade,such as:suitable to mix milk powder,whey powder,dextrin powder etc with liquid,also is used to manufacture syrup and others drinks.It makes liquid and material mixed quickly so as to achieve the ideal benefit.It is one of the important equipemnts in foodstuff and drink industry.

Application of Water and Powder Mixing Pump

It is widely used in food industry, medicine industry, chemical industry, daily industry etc such as soy, fruit sauce, peanut sauce, milk sauce, dyestuff, flower powder, etc.


1. Food Industry      dairy products, chocolate, soy sauce, jam, peanut butter, butter and beverage;


2. Chemical Industry      paints, lubricating oil, spices, dyes, emulsified asphalt, emulsified rubber, catalyst, paint coating etc;


3. Pharmaceutical Industry     cod liver oil, athlete cream, bee honey, pollen etc;


4. Daily Chemical Industry      shoe polish, toothpaste, cosmetics, balsam, soap, and detergent, etc;


5. Other Industry     building industry, paper industry, plastic industry, battery industry, etc.


Structure of Water and Powder Mixing Pump


Water and Powder Mixing machine is for mixing milk,bitumen.paste.


Classification of Water and Powder Mixing Pump


1,According to structure


Vertical  Water and Powder Mixing Pump and Split  Water and Powder Mixing Pump. And each type has various models for choose. 

The main structures of colloid mill are grinding parts, the base transmission department and dedicated motor.


2,According to appearance


Sanitary colloid mill and common colloid mill.


Technical parameters of Water and Powder Mixing Pump

JND RO1000      
Capacity of pure water 
Power   Supply   
AC220V/AC380V/415V±5%         50Hz/60Hz   
RO Stage       
One Stage 
Desalinization   Ratio   
Rated Operating   Pressure    
Temperature of Raw Water 
1-45 ºC
PH   of Raw Water   
Conductivity of Raw Water 


Finished products figure of Water and Powder Mixing Pump

Finished products figure of Water and Powder Mixing Pump

Water and Powder Mixing Pump 2

Water and Powder Mixing Pump 3