Sonic Drilling: Best Example of Revolutionary Technology

Sonic Drilling Best Example of Revolutionary Technology

Innovations in technology and engineering have paved the way for a more advanced and efficient drilling method such as sonic drilling.

Over the years, industry leaders and engineers came up with different techniques to make holes in the earth’s surface to take samples of mineral deposits. Also, to test the physical properties of soil, rocks, and groundwater.

Today, a more advanced form of drilling using a sonic drill is becoming a trend. It employs high-frequency resonant energy generated inside the sonic head to move a core barrel downwards through the required substrate.

Recognized as one of the best examples of revolutionary technology, here are the reasons why a sonic drill rig is considered as such.

Sonic Drilling has an Advantage of a Sonic Speed

Compared to conventional rotary drilling, this advanced form of drilling is 3-5 times faster even without drilling mud and can operate 400% more quickly.

The ability of this technique to conduct continuous and rapid coring in getting samples from challenging solid formations makes it the most cost-effective solution for any environmental investigations. 

Much Safer and Mitigates Major Risks

In any drilling operation, safety is always a concern. Over the years, significant personal injuries at the geotechnical sites that use traditional drilling equipment had been recorded. Some of these documented injuries include major cuts and broken digits.

But with sonic drilling rigs, these risks are lessened. The equipment uses hands-free operating systems requiring fewer workers on the site. In addition, sonic drill rigs have smooth rods and casings that make them safer to handle. 

Other safety features of sonic drilling rigs include braiding for hoses, safety cages, counterbalance valves, and many more. 

Core Samples Have High Integrity

One main concern with conventional geotechnical drilling methods is the waste they produce. The contaminated investigation derived waste (IDW) does not only pose problems in the environment, but it also affects the integrity of the core samples. But with sonic drilling rigs, the environment is well-taken care of, and the integrity of the samples is not corrupted.

Sonic Drill Rigs Are More Environmentally-Conscious

The efficiency of a sonic rig makes it harmless to the environment due to lesser energy consumption and quicker on-site operation. Compared to other conventional rigs, this type of rig is far more efficient in terms of energy-saving, but also it’s environmentally conscious. 

Ideal and Versatile Drilling Method for Sensitive Sites

Sonic technology is the ideal and the most preferred drilling methodology for sensitive sites such as environmental investigations and nuclear sites exploration due to its unique and non-intrusive abilities. 

Lastly, in some site investigations, the versatility and adaptability of the technology employed are vital to ensure high degrees of maneuverability, especially in tough conditions. With sonic drilling rigs, versatility is one of its main advantages.