We are most dedicated to keeping the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your Personal Identifiable Information. At the very core of this commitment, we fashioned our privacy policy to oversee and give good guidance to our actions with respect to the collection, use, and disclosure of the same. 

This policy adheres to the values being reflected by The Privacy Act 1988. From here can be referenced the acceptable practices on handling and managing personal information of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, also known as the OAIC.  


Safeguarding Site User Information

Online security safeguards are in place to protect our site user’s personal information in proportion to the level of sensitivity of the information. All reasonable precautions are laid out in place to protect and secure your Personal Information from unauthorized use, access, loss, or disclosure.  


Information concerning our implemented practices and policies concerning the management or handling of your Personal Identifiable Information would be made available to you. 

Customer Access

You have the prerogative to verify the completeness and accuracy of whatever Personal Identifiable Information you volunteer to us. In addition to this, you may make a formal request to make amendments to any of them as you may deem necessary. Under certain circumstances that the law provides, we may not be able to fully disclose certain sensitive information to you.