How to Tell if Your 4G Antenna is Authentic and Compatible

Best 4G Antenna

Avid mobile users have been frequenting online forums to raise their concern with regard to the authenticity of 4G antennas. While many others expressed what can be described as a more pressing concern over antennas that are being promoted and posed as 4G in nature but are sham 3G antennas. 

4G connectivity varies. This is a validation that the concerns being raised by consumers in online forums are legitimate. If it is normal for a 4G connection to be unclear among wireless carriers, then what is the reason behind the inconsistencies in 4G antennas? What is even more surprising here, how on earth would you be able to identify a 4G antenna when there are no indications of 4G label or LTE on some of these well-known brands in the market?  

It is a tricky space. Some of these manufacturing companies for the antenna would have the audacity to promote their product offering as a 4G antenna when the truth about is that it is just a 3G antenna which they have repackaged as a highly coveted 4G product. This means to say that, as a consumer, you must do your homework. You need to make some background research on these companies that are providing the market with the 4G type of antenna.  

Review the Reviews

Make time to check out and read posted online reviews written by consumers who had a good chance to use that best 4G antenna you are prospecting to buy. 

First-hand experiences offer us a raw and unadulterated grip about product performance and quality. If you happen to come across online review sites that have affiliate links for you to purchase the product from, veer away from them. Take that as an indication that the product review they have on their site is probably fabricated and sugar-coated to entice potential buyers into making a purchase. Such websites are likely to earn a commission from each item sold through their platform.  

Ask Yourself Key Questions

 While getting your way through review sites, go ahead and ask yourself these key questions: 

  • Is the information you are reading technically sound? 
  • Do you find the person who made the review somehow technically savvy? 
  • Did it mention anything about how the antenna can be prevented from providing users with the maximum performance?
  • Did the review mention anything about the 4G wireless carrier?
  • Did the review said anything about the type of configuration used? 

You can also come up with any other relevant information that may help and provide you with better clues. 

Investigate the Company

If possible, make some research about the manufacturing company. Do they own the product they are offering in the market? Or if they are in partnership with some other supplier of 4G antenna?In case that they are in partnership with suppliers for the 4G type of antenna, consider probing who could be the actual manufacturer of the antenna. By taking this measure, you have a good level of assurance that what you have at hand is not going to be just a knockoff of the real deal.