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What Drill Rig Companies Need To Tell You Before You Drill a Well?

oil rigAccording to the working minds behind drill rig companies, the location and structure of your water well are critical to its safety. It should be placed in such a way that rainwater drains away from it.

Rainwater, on the land surface, runs the risk of gathering harmful bacteria and collecting an array of pollutants that may contaminate the water. If this water seeps anywhere near your well, it may jeopardize the quality of its water, and may thus pose health risks.

The construction of good water well is usually determined by local groundwater and geologic characteristics. Your local health department, the state’s licensing body for water-well contractors, or a specialist in the local water system can provide relevant information and guidance on acceptable construction norms in a particular area.

Make certain that any pump-well installers or drillers you hire for the job are insured and bonded. As your local government may require, verify that your groundwater contractor is duly certified for the role and has a proper license. 


One should not look at groundwater exploration as a trial-and-error, hit-or-miss endeavor. Soil and rock beneath the ground act as a percolating medium for rainwater. Eventually, they get collected in saturation bed zones known as “aquifer beds”. 

A water well is a hole bored into the ground that makes it possible to reach an aquifer bed via which a small amount of groundwater can be pumped to the surface for consumption.


Drilling a water well involves much more than just digging a hole in the ground. A fully accomplished water well will comprise a borehole drilled into the ground to reach the aquifer bed. 

Its diameter has to be large enough to accommodate the casing that will house the pump. The size of the pump required to satisfy your intended demand must be determined initially before digging starts

If you like your pumping power to go beyond 100 GPM, it is necessary to have a casing that measures 8 inches and goes with a 10-inch borehole, minimum. Your water well contractor will carry on making decisions about this, but you must make him aware of what your needs are. 


When you develop a water well, it will entail clearing it of the fine particles left behind by the drilling process itself. These fine particles will be flushed out of the gravel and aquifer between a good screen and the first few feet of the aquifer.

Bailing, surge pumping, or any other operation that propels water at high velocity via the development zone can be taken advantage of to accomplish development. 

Reputable drill rig companies are accountable for developing wells. Water wells that have been created properly will produce more water as opposed to water wells that are poorly constructed. 

Pump Testing

After constructing the water well, we have this looming question that begs us to ask. “How much water can we sustainably draw from it?” 

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The sustained rate of the pump is predicated upon the ability of the aquifer to send water towards this well under gravitational pull while the water well is being pumped. 

To determine a water well’s pumping capacity (sustained), a pump test should be done. Normally, your enlisted contractor for the job is the one to carry out the pump test. This part is usually included in the job contract.

It should be made clear also to your driller that you desire a pump test to be carried out before the start of the drilling because there are instances where they will not deliberately perform this part. 

Make sure you only enlist a driller or contractor who is capable of completing all aspects of the drilling tasks, and a pump test should be a part of that, too. 


Top Performing Drill Rig Companies Today

Which among the drill rig companies we have today are considered the major players in the industry? How do they impact global businesses with their actions? 

Drilling oil wells that will substantially help the world produce its required energy is a collaborative effort of a unified team. Currently, we have 3 kinds of drill rig companies that work on tapping these sources of energy from mineral oil, namely drilling contractors, oilfield services and manufacturing companies, and  E&P companies. 

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What do the E&P companies do?

The heart of their work lies in the research work they do, in the hope of finding resources for subsurface hydrocarbons. It allows them to oversee the process of drilling work. In addition, they can also take charge of managing hydrocarbon transportation,  the processing of gas and sometimes even handling petroleum refining, too. 

They can also employ drilling contractors, providing crews and drilling rigs along the way.  Some of them will also contract some oilfield service teams to help them obtain additional equipment and materials for the website. All these companies together comprise the gas segment and upstream oil. 

Leading Offshore Drilling Companies


Right now, Schlumberger is one of the leading names in the top global offshore drilling organizations. With respect to generated annual revenue, they are regarded as the biggest contractor for the offshore drilling sphere. And this is not only in the US territory but even from across the world it carries a history of technology and science innovation. They are often backed by acquisitions and strategic mergers. 

From application-specific down to conventional systems for jack-ups, rigs, geothermal wells, their offered drilling services are designed in such a way they will help in further enhancing safety levels and trim downtime for installation.  


Throughout a reservoir lifecycle, Halliburton will serve it the gas sector and upstream oil kit it requires, from managing geological data to locating reserves and drill assessment, well construction, production optimization and completion throughout the entire lifetime of the field. 

The offshore drilling services they have on offer would include directional and horizontal drilling, logging while drilling, measurement while drilling, rig site systems information, multilateral systems, and underbalanced applications. 

Baker Hughes

The field of specializations for Baker Hughes can be found in drilling, production, and, oil and gas completion services.  The offshore drilling services they offer include measurement-while-drilling, directional drilling services, logging-while-drilling, coiled tubing and re-entry,  and remote drilling. Norwegian sea’s Skuld offshore field is one of the biggest offshore oil fields where they have their offered drilling services for deep-water. 

KCA Deutag

KCA Deutag is one of the UK’s leading offshore drilling organizations. Right now it is included in the roster of leading global providers of engineering and drilling expertise. They currently have operations,  both offshore and onshore. 

The organization, in the past few years, was able to garner some new contracts to work on and get themselves preoccupied with. With an industry experience spanning 125 years, they are one of those leading drill rig companies that are anticipated by insiders to dominate on a global scale the offshore drilling sphere. 

This drilling organization is comprised of 4 business segments: oilfield equipment,  manufacturing, design and engineering, and offshore drilling. There are currently 90 drilling rigs under their management and care. These drilling rigs are dispersed in more than 20 countries around the globe.