How to Find the Right Home Staging Furniture for Your Home Styling Needs?

home styling furniture

Working things out and making the most out of existing furniture items that a client has is the typical scenario that most professional real estate stylists deal with.  This will not only give clients a huge amount of savings but most importantly it is also a lot less time-consuming.

But a time comes when your project necessitates you to produce or come up with your own set of home staging furniture, otherwise, you will not be able to bring to life a particular design that you have in mind. There are a handful of reasons why this would be happening, one of which is that the client’s existing furniture is not fitting in any way to the style you are working on.

In such a scenario described above, where can a professional home stage get the furniture he is looking for?

home styling furniture

There are plenty of avenues that your hired home stylist can take advantage of to have a hand on the furniture pieces that he needs for his home staging design, starting from national furniture outlets, local stores, and even from home staging Melbourne companies and rental firms that are catering to the business of home styling.

Check out your required furniture items from local stores, and even online vendors

If the pieces of furniture that you are looking for are intended for use in small-ticket decor items, we suggest that you also consider looking at some nearby local craft and furniture stores in your area, from HomeSense, IKEA, and Michaels.

Alternatively, you can go online and visit Amazon for some of the items that you are looking for. Consider using the keyword “staging decor”, this should be giving you a plethora of furniture and accent pieces to choose from. You may find the perfect piece you are looking for on this site, or at least you can have a broader selection of items to consider.

No matter where you shop for your required pieces, it is very important that you initiate a request for a price match. Don’t forget to ask also if they have a delivery charge for a return or exchange of items.

Investigate thoroughly the background story of furniture rental outlets first before making contact.

When it comes to checking out furniture rental stores, you must avoid doing it haphazardly. You must verify first the quality of service that they are known to provide their clients with before making a contact or engaging them. Like for instance, how is their track record when it comes to delivering furniture on-time? Can they resolve issues right away?

If your prospect furniture rental team is known for their notoriety due to the poor quality of their service, engaging them for your needs might put your reputation in harm’s way. When doing online research, I use YELP instead. I use the search term “furniture rentals in (your location)”, this should bring forth scores of pages within the site that are relevant to what you are looking for.

Center your attention to providers that have at least 4 stars rating. The more reviews with high star ratings that a  company has, the more reliable and dependable they are.  Consistency is the operative word here.

Understand and acknowledge rental terms and conditions

In every business entity,  one of their vital parts is cost control. Therefore, you must know exactly how much you need to shell out for their services. Otherwise, an unexpected exorbitant amount of fees would be consuming your profit margin.

Below are the most important questions you should raise to the attention of your providers.

Does the offered tag price inclusive of pickup cost and delivery charges?

How long does the rental period usually last? How much would it cost you if you need to extend the lease agreement?

Will they charge you if they need to move furniture down or up the stairs?

Are they including the whole package when you agreed to lease out an item? Like for instance, when you rent out a bed, some home staging furniture companies would not include the pillows, mattresses, and bedsheets. So, therefore, you need to clarify those before transacting.