Where to Build Your Water Well According to Drill Rig Companies?

drilling towerHomeowners, whether building a new home or making home upgrades, often have difficulty discerning where to place new water well. It becomes even more challenging when there are structures nearby their property like roads, community tanks, or a cell site area. Such structures and anything similar work to their disadvantage because they usually are a limiting factor to where you can construct a water well. Needless to say, locating the ideal site for new water well is not a straightforward thing. 

All three levels of government— the federal, state, and municipal— all have their own rules and laws regarding the water system and resources. If you are fully aware of the required setbacks together with the rolled out restrictions by the authorities and governing bodies regarding this, it could help assist homeowners and work to their benefit, help them in identifying a convenient site where they can have their new water well. 

Geological Research

It is quite easy for homeowners to learn something about their property. They must be familiar with the geology of the surrounding environment, and the construction details of the water wells in their region, because these matters are well documented and kept for public record-keeping purposes. 

Restriction on the construction of water wells began in 1984 by virtue of a state legislature. For drill rig companies to qualify as licensed contractors, they are required to submit a report that details construction specifications for every single water well drilling project at the end of each project.

Information submitted will be kept in an online database that the public can access. Details of the water well construction project, such as when it was built, the depth of the water well itself, and other relevant information can be accessed on such dedicated websites. 

If your old water well has failed and is not working anymore, make sure you document the construction details of your new water well if you are going to construct another one. 

drinking water

When selling a residential property with an onsite water system, it is crucial that you declare any kind of water system malfunctions there are or if there are any observable abnormalities with it. Alongside this, you also need to include the last time that a professional water quality test was carried out on your water well system. You can volunteer such information to your potential buyer.

Be Fully Cognizant of What Could Be Underground

Safety should always be contacted before beginning a good drilling project to avoid surrounding gas and electricity wires. 

When planning to construct a water well anywhere on your property, be sure to get in touch with any of the reputable drill rig companies in your area. Water wells need to be at a distance of 15 feet away from a gas line or an overhead power line. If the electrical network line is beyond 50 kV, be sure to construct your water well at least 25 feet away from it.

The natural geology of the area surrounding your property is another important factor to take into account. The vast majority of new wells installed today are bedrock wells. Although, we don’t rule out the possibility that some others are shallow wells instead. This is a possibility depending on the home. 

Bedrock wells are bored into the soil or, and as the name implies, bedrock formation that will provide enough water to work properly without interfering with neighboring wells. 

A reputable drilling contractor can advise you on the geology of and around your land. With that, they can advise you of the best type of well to have.