What are the Benefits of Using Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Perishable Food Items

Vacuum packaging machines are making the job of manufacturing companies a lot easier and more convenient. When they use these pieces of equipment, it will work to their advantage in such a way that it makes their product offerings safe and secure even before they are being dispatched to local stores for distribution and sales.

Vacuum packaging has found many practical residential and commercial applications, and they are particularly helpful in the preservation of food items. Technically speaking, we qualify them as a kind of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). This is a form of packaging where the product’s surrounding atmosphere is altered and is carried out from the external atmosphere of the item.

So, what are the beautiful reasons why there is a resurgence in the use of vacuum packaging machine today?

Increased Shelf Life

Relevant studies in the past have indicated that vacuum packaging can significantly influence a product and extend its expected shelf life by 50% – 400%. The secret to increasing the longevity of any highly perishable food item lies in identifying the ideal atmosphere that it should have inside its packaging.

This measure can be carried out by introducing inert gas inside the packaging itself or by virtue of reducing its oxygen level to ideal measures. Vacuum packaging is also the method of choice for use in highly perishable food products that are intended for long term storage in a freezer. Another reason why vacuum packing is preferred by the food manufacturing industry is because it significantly helps in reducing freezer burns. This explains the reason why you will never see a single meat or seafood product not inside a vacuum-sealed packaging.

Reduced Product Loss

Increased shelf life or storage life of food items works to the advantage of these food manufacturing companies because it is helping them reduce their actual product loss rate. The reduction of expected figures for product loss increases these company’s bottom lines.

Sealed Barrier Protects Food Item from External/Foreign Matters

Food sealing bags usually come in 3 mil thickness levels, but some food bags are available in much thicker sizes for up to 6-8 mil thickness. The vacuum packaging machine will easily deliver its expected purpose provided that it properly seals your food vacuum bag first. Only after this is carried out that your food sealing bag can protect your highly perishable food item from moisture, dust, insects, and a host of other external elements that can harm it. Aside from this, vacuum packaging also protects your food item from the damaging effects of freezer burns.

Perishable Food Items

Seals in Flavors

Aging wet meat is known to many of us. It is a widely used style of curing fresh meat products before preparing them for further processing. The meat is processed using its natural juices together with select flavors and spices, then vacuum sealing everything to lock all their flavors during the process of curing.

Eliminates the Need for Chemical Preservatives

One of the more popular advantages of vacuum packaging is that it eliminates the need for chemical-based additives to preserve food. Provided that the right amount of oxygen is mixed to inert gas, you can extend the longevity of your highly perishable food items sans the need for any kind of preservative.

Nitrogen, which comprises 78% of the gases in our atmosphere, is the most commonly used inert gas for this purpose. The superfluity of this gas makes it ideal for use in vacuum packing food items.